Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions

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Thermoelectric coolers

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Optional TE Modules

   RMT introduces several series of miniature thermoelectric coolers (TECs), suitable for different non-standard conditions and special applications. The list of advanced technical solutions is specified below. To read more information about TEC series, click on the corresponding letters in the column «TEC series».



TEC series

Applications in which TEC is attached to the entire assembly on a header, not to a heat-generating object

1) Powerful LD on TO-38/46/56/9 type headers with not enough space to mount TEC on a header;

2) Already sealed (uncooled) devices, where the advanced temperature stabilization gives additional benefits in terms of laser wavelength stability, optical power, device lifetime or sensitivity


SMD mounting

Mounting on printed circuit boards (PCB), ceramic boards, hybrid integrated circuits, etc. by standard SMD method


Applications in which TEC’s top ceramics is rigidly connected with materials having high coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)

1) If copper is used as the header material;

2) If TEC’s top ceramics is rigidly connected with copper, nickel or aluminum parts, or any material having CTE more than 10x10-6 1/К


Applications in which durability to cyclic temperature changes is required

1) Medical equipment for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) machines used for DNA analysis;

2) Other applications that require high reliability, for example, analytical and testing equipment, etc.


Applications in which corrosion protection is required

Applications with wet or aggressive ambient


Applications in which resistance to high humidity is required

Storage in humid environment


Applications in which resistance to higher temperatures is required

Longstanding TEC operation at temperatures above 125°C


High Z series

High-Z TECs for low temperature applications (less than room temperature)

Multistage TECs, which operate at a large temperature difference (for example, TECs for X-ray detectors)


High-Z TECs for room temperatures applications

Powerful TECs with TE pellets smallest height 0.3 mm


High-Z TECs for high temperature applications (more than 50°C)

TECs for telecom



   These series of TECs, which have the corresponding additional letters in the serial numbering system, are available for orders. For example, 1MD02-018-03AN-Z3 – high-Z TECs for telecom, 1MC06-126-05-C – TECs with durability to cyclic temperature changes, 1MD10-037-08-SMD – TECs for SMD mounting, etc.

   Concerning about such cases, as well as on technical issues and non-standard solutions, please, contact RMT.