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Corporate Environmental Policy

Business activity of our company RMT Ltd – development, production, sales and service of thermoelectric modules and devices on their basis, and also optoelectronic devices and their semi-finished products.

Corporate Environmental Policy of RMT – one of important parts of business activity of the company in general.

The company undertakes to fulfill requirements of the Russian Federation regulations and directives of the European Union in the field of environmental protection, it is rational to use natural resources, seeks for continuous decrease in influence on environment, and continuous improvement of system of ecological management and prevention of pollution.

The purpose of system of ecological management is, increase of level of ecological safety and increase of level of social responsibility of the enterprise, decrease in negative impact on environment.

To achieve the goals we plan to do the following:

  • Decrease risks of emergencies;
  • Maintenance of system of ecological management according to requirements of the ISO14001 and its continuous improvement;
  • Reduction of emissions of the polluting substances in environment;
  • Reduction of formation of manufacturing waste;
  • Improvement, development and adoption of technical regulations and standards of RMT;
  • Creation of system of the conditions and mechanisms providing the accounting of ecological aspects and decrease in environmental risks at all stages of a production;
  • Observance by employees of RMT, standards and norms in the field of ecological safety and labor protection;
  • Continuous improvement of a control system in the field of environmental protection.

The management of RMT realizes responsibility for Corporate Environmental Policy and involves all employees in the working. 

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