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New DX5300 device - rack controller for lifetime and reliability tests of TECs and TEC assemblies

Jan 22, 2014

RMT announces new equipment, DX5300 rack controller for lifetime and reliability tests of thermoelectric coolers and assemblies. DX5300 allows simultaneous testing of 24 TECs or assemblies according to the most common industry standards like Telcordia GR486 and MIL-STD-883 or others.All important TEC parameters are monitored during tests. Every particular channel will self-switch-off when TEC will reach pre-set end-of-test criteria. Test reports are easy to generate using complimentary software.

DX5300 completes RMT line of TEC control equipment. We can now deliver a full set of equipment required for TEC control and study, including DX8070 “TEM Probe” and DX8080 “TEM Expert” systems for characterization of thermoelectric materials and pellets, DX8020 “TEC Expert” for detailed characterization of TECs, DX5300 for TEC reliability and lifetime testing, and Z-meters for precise and rapid control of most important TEC parameters.

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