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Smart Search - Optimal TE cooler finding has never been that easy

Aug 27, 2013

RMT Ltd introduces updated version of iTECPad - the professional iPad app about TE coolers quick performance analysis and comparison. iTECPad is the only professional app about thermoelectric coolers available on iPad. It contains more than 1700 standard RMT thermoelectric coolers with detailed datasheets and a pack of great instruments for performance analysis. Now there are several new key features available, and they are really awesome. iTECPad Smart Search function provides the optimal TEC solution automatically based on specified application requirements. Now you just need to specify your application conditions, tap Smart Search button, and iTECPad finds the most optimal thermoelectric cooler immediately. Detailed professional performance estimations - done in seconds.

Smart Search solves all the questions about optimal TEC selecting. All necessary estimations are made automatically, exactly for the specified application conditions. iTECPad and it’s new Smart Search function are extremely useful for R&D specialists, engineers, developers and supply chain managers in applications where thermoelectric coolers are required. Equipped with RMT world largest base of thermoelectric coolersВ  iTECPad finds the best thermoelectric coolers in seconds and provides detailed performance estimations results.

What’s new in iTECPad 2.2

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Fig.1 - Smart Search - specify the application conditions and get a list of the most suitable TECs in seconds
Fig.2 - New application scenario editor. Specify application conditions, change, add and copy easily
Fig.3 - Simplified and advanced Power consumption plots. Get the detailed info about C.O.P.
Fig.4 - Overview performance plots - all-in-one plots for easy TEC performance understanding

Smart Search Tutorial

Here is the example of Smart Search in iTECPad - a brief tutorial showing the basics of analysis. Click and follow step-by-step with your iTECPad app (available free in AppStore).

The detailed info about iTECPad and tutorials are available by this link.

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