Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions

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Application Tips

Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) is a semiconductor device which is characterized by unique heat pump performance with high efficiency, compactness and durability. The unique ability of TECs to heat and cool, permits them to lower temperature of an object below ambient as well as to stabilize temperature of objects in widely varying ambient conditions.

Here we mention some application tips that can help in optimal use of TECs.


The efficiency of TEC depends on the quality of mounting an object to be cooled onto TEC and the TEC onto heat rejecting elements. There are three widely applied methods that are used for TEC mounting:

  • Mechanical mounting (compression method)
  • Soldering
  • Adhesive bonding.

Each of the listed methods has its own areas of applications, both advantages and disadvantages. When choosing an optimal way of mounting a TEC and cooled objects it is necessary to be guided by features of the methods and preferable field of applications.

Mechanical Mounting

  • Applications

    • Permanent bonding is not
    • Multiple TECs are used
    • TECs of large size
  • Advantages

    • Easy mounting and dismounting procedures
    • Low effect of mismatching of TEC and heat sink materials TCE
  • Disadvantages

    • Extra space for fixtures
    • Heat load from fixing parts
    • Low thermal conductivity
    • Not useful for mini TECs
    • Limited temperature application


  • Applications

    • Miniature TECs
    • High-strength junction
    • Vacuum applications
    • Long operation at high
  • Advantages

    • Minimal outgassing
    • High mechanical strength
    • High thermal conductivity
    • Availability of mounting and dismounting
  • Disadvantages

    • Most complex mounting procedure
    • Risk of TEC damage during procedure
    • Not for large size TECs

Adhesive Bonding

  • Applications

    • Miniature TECs
    • High-strength junction
    • Minimal mounting tools
  • Advantages

    • Easy mounting procedure
    • Minimal requirements to TEC surface finish - blank ceramics
  • Disadvantages

    • Moderate thermal conductance
    • Permanent attachment
    • Outgassing limits vacuum use
    • Limited operation temperature

Soldering is most preferable mounting method for miniature single and multistage TECs.

Soldering is most complicated mounting method which required professional personnel and tools.