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Serial Numbering System

RMT has introduced a unified serial numbering system for all types of TE cooling modules. This makes selecting your TE Cooler very easy. All rights on the numbering system are reserved.

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An example:


  • Two stage TE cooling module of MC Series
  • TE pellet width is 0.4 mm (cross-section 0.4x0.4 mm2)
  • Number of thermocouples (pairs of p- and n- type semiconductor TE pellets) - 39 couples
  • Height of TE pellet - 1.5 mm*

    * for MC series it means total height of two-stage module 4.7 mm (=0.5+1.5+0.5+1.5+0.5+0.2):
    • 0.5 mm - thickness of cold and hot sides ceramics
    • 1.5 mm - height of TE pellet
    • 0.2 mm - copper contacts totally
  • Cold side lapped
  • Warm side metallized and pre-tinned with 117 °C solder
  • Standard tolerances for two stage design
  • PbSn (183 °C) internal solder