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Apr 15, 2022

   It is known that RMT is a leading company in miniature thermoelectric modules and sub-assemblies production. RMT modules are used for temperature stabilization of telecom lasers, cooled TOSA, IR and X-Ray detectors, CCD matrixes, FPA and thermal imagers calibration devices.

   Now RMT is pleased to announce a new service – detectors and sensors assembling.

   Our mission is to provide our customers with product design, process development and manufacturing services based on customers’ idea.

   RMT has the following detectors and sensors assembly services available:

         · Wafer dicing;

        · Chips mounting. Including photodetectors, lasers, MEMS and other components;

        · Gold wire bonding;

        · Lids and windows production for any type of packages;

        · Package sealing in vacuum, nitrogen, argon and other gases.

Fig.1 – Cooled detector assembly example


   We offer assembly service for sample, pilot and volume production.

   RMT is experienced in products and tooling development including:

· final assembly design development;

· thermal and performance design;

· proper materials choice for high reliability;

· new assembly technologies development;

   Thanks to analytical laboratory, RMT can carry out reliability and performance tests including X-ray screening, SEM analysis, climatic tests and burn-in tests.

   Please contact RMT concerning the most optimal solutions for your idea.

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