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Jul 17, 2019

   From June 30 to July 4, 2019 RMT Ltd. participated in the 38th International Conference on Thermoelectrics in Gyeongju, Korea, and presented a poster report «Improved extruded thermoelectric materials of the company RMT».

   The report presented the latest results of RMT technology improvement of thermoelectric materials. For the p-type materials, the maximum figure-of-merit values are Z = (3.28 ÷ 3.32)×10-3 K-1 in the range of electrical conductivity (900 ÷ 1100) Ohm-1cm-1. The corresponding values of Z for the n-type materials in the same range are Z = (2.82 ÷ 2.87)×10-3 K-1. Using the improved thermoelectric materials, miniature TECs with a height of 0.3 mm were made and tested. The test results showed that these TECs had a maximum temperature difference of at least 75 K, which is 3 K higher than standard RMT modules.

   RMT is not going to stop at the achieved results and will continue to carry out the development to improve the properties of thermoelectric material and the efficiency of TECs.

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