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Dec 14, 2018

   RMT presents new MD015 Series of TECs for cooling and temperature stabilization of miniature telecommunication systems. New MD015 Series TECs in the smallest version have planar dimensions less than 1.5 mm2 and height less than 0.55 mm. They are recommended for miniature LD-applications using small headers (TO46 and TO56 and smaller). The new products meet high performance requirements of transceiver components with low power consumption. To see whole list of MD015 modules specification click on this link.

Fig.1 - 1x1 mm2 cold side thermoelectric cooler - the smallest one from MD015 Series Fig.2 - 1MD015-010-025AN SEM photo. 20 BiTe pellets on 1x1.6 mm2 size  Fig.3 - TE module 1MD015-010-03 mounted on ТО-46 header 


   Standard TEC consists of ceramics plates and BiTe posts (pellets) between them. The dimensions of these pellets inside TEC (as well as the distance between them) are directly connected to TEC performance parameters. Regular TECs have about 100-150 pellets density per 1 cm2. RMT successfully manufactures MD02 Series TECs, in which combination of a miniature cross section of pellets (0.2х0.2 mm2) and a distance of 100 μm between them allow to assemble 1100 BiTe pellets per 1 cm2 area.

   Now RMT presents new MD015 Series with the next level of miniaturization. The 1MD015 Series of single-stage TECs also has a distance of 100 μm between TE pellets, but at the same time 1MD015 Series has pellets 0.2-0.25-0.3 mm in height and 0.15х0.15 mm2 cross section. This unique combination allows the density of 1600 pellets per 1 cm2.

   The dimensions of pellets, especially their cross section, affect TEC operating current. Smaller cross section means lower operating current. High quantity of internal elements inside a thermoelectric cooler means higher TEC operating voltage. So the benefit of MD015 TECs is in unique low-current/high-voltage combination of operating parameters. It increases the efficiency of power supply units and allows even to skip DC-DC converters in certain applications (for example, telecom transceivers in compact form factor).

   Please contact RMT concerning MD015 Series of TECs and for selection of most optimal TEC solutions.

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