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Aug 10, 2018

   RMT continues to develop its own technological capabilities to meet the Customer’s business growth and to strengthen future technologies.

   One of the advantages of RMT is the availability of its own unique patented technology of ceramic plates or heat transitions manufacturing used for TECs production. This provides flexibility in the timing of production, as well as provides the possibility of manufacturing a wide variety of customized TEC types, including TECs with special pattern. And now, due to implementation of modern high-tech equipment, the technical capabilities of RMT will increase substantially.

   New technology of vacuum evaporation on ceramic substrates is being tested and installed. The vacuum magnetron machine was developed for this particular operation of metal layers deposition on ceramic substrates.

   The new machine SNT Epsilon 74 М makes great contribution to manufacturing technology of RMT miniature TE modules.

   Main advantages of new technology:

·                     Higher productivity;

·                     Ability to deposit in one process in series several metal layers on ceramic substrates with different thickness – 0.15, 0.25, 0.5 and 1 mm;

·                     Unique substrates rotation design makes possible both sides ceramic substrate deposition in one process.

   In the near future, the SNT Epsilon 74 M will be put into operation and will be able to provide mass production of ceramic plates for TECs. This will allow to re-orient the vacated vacuum equipment for solving perspective tasks of development of TEC’s technology and shortly to complete several current R&D projects for our Customers.

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