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Jun 14, 2018

   RMT made a significant progress for increase of durability of sub-mounts with multistage TECs.

   RMT has developed a new technology for sub-mounts with multistage (especially 3- and 4-stage) TECs, which leads to an even greater increase in TECs’ durability (life time).

   After assembling, multistage TECs have internal mechanical stresses. These stresses tend to intensify after TEC mounting onto the headers. As a result, later during TEC operation these complex sub-mounts have some risks of TEC’s parameters deterioration which reduce their performance and durability.

   RMT has improved its technology in such a way that allowed reducing internal mechanical stresses and thus to eliminate the risks mentioned above. RMT tests of sub-mounts multistage TECs using complex cycling methods showed a significant increase (an average of 1.5 times) in the time during which no changes of the TEC parameters are revealed.

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