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RMT Electronics developed thermoelectric generators product line for low power IoT applications

Mar 16, 2018

   RMT Electronics – the RMT ltd R&D unit is making the historical step in thermoelectric low power energy harvesting innovations. The dream of fully autonomous IoT sensors wireless networks becomes true with thermoelectric low power generation utilizing heat into electricity. Thermoelectric energy harvesting is well known solution for mid temperatures (100°C-300°C) or high temperatures (300°C-600°C) and many applications are present on market. RMT solution is focused on low temperature difference (5°C-80°C) which was considered before to be not efficient temperature range due to low efficiency of semiconductors used to utilize the heat.

   Nowadays the commercialization of low power thermoelectric power generation becomes possible due to two main reasons. First reason – the development of thermoelectric materials efficiency together with improved design of thermoelectric modules makes possible the thermoelectric harvesting as an autonomous power supply for various applications. Second reason – the power consumption of active devices reduced significantly and already fits thermoelectric power generation performance.

   For the long period this way of local and autonomous power generation/energy harvesting was considered to be not effective because of low effectiveness of semiconductor materials which was not enough to generate power supply to applications. The technology of thermoelectric energy harvesting  is ready to be launched now because semiconductors have achieved a balance between the improving performance of power generating materials and reducing power consumption of active devices.

   Based on fundamental and unique expertise in thermoelectric micro cooling and thermoelectric semiconductor materials development and production, the solid state, long life, durable and cost- effective energy harvesting solution is developed and tested. For several decades RMT delivered quality thermoelectric modules for cooling and generation to the global market and now is making next step introducing the full low power solution ready for commercial production. This will give a push to IoT sensors wireless networks making possible to install smart devices in remote locations or deeply in constructions without any maintenance and battery change problems and extra costs.

   The Internet of Things (IoT) is developing rapidly together with the wireless data transfer, Low power sensors, detectors, transmitters and other low power equipment widely used at wireless sensor networks are gathering information about the environment surrounding the sensor station. Many types of sensors are used for temperature, humidity, illumination, motion, pressure, stress, position, flow rate, gas and security. Those devices become smaller and more efficient. Coming soon improved 5G wireless technology will give a new impulse for the development of effective wireless sensing environment.

RMT low power energy harvesting solution example

RMT energy harvesting technologies can provide solution for power supply of those application which are installed in various placing without wiring. The only thing which provide power generation is temperature difference (min 10°)which is quite simple to find – it can be any warm small surface. The power generation technology use power generating elements to transfer heat energy into electricity than properly use the collected power. DC-DC booster is upgrading the power enough to charge a battery or capacitor and can be connected to the app directly depending on particular system requirements.

   The autonomous power supply solution by RMT gives possibility to place self-powered low-power wireless stations in a wide range of IoT and low power applications. Once installed, this solution doesn’t need any maintenance for the whole lifetime of the system. RMT Electronics will provide effective energy power solution optimized for your application requirements. Please contact RMT concerning these applications.  

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