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Thermoelectric Sub-Assemblies for detector arrays and image sensing apps

Aug 27, 2015

RMT Ltd introduce the updated line of thermoelectric sub-assemblies in standard PS-28 flatpack style package. Elongated shape, 28pins and large open area and many possible thermoelectric cooler solutions are optimal for CCD and CMOS detector applications. The available TEC solutions have cold side from 4x4mm2 to 12x24mm2 (or 17x17mm2). Single- and multistage TECs (with enlarged cold side) are available for advanced temperature stabilization. The sub-assemblies inВ PS-28 packageВ are primary focused on linear image sensors with photodiode arrays - for example, CCD matrixes, InGaAs linear image sensors. However, the large number of pins in a package and wide range of possible thermoelectric coolers inside create a universal solution for many other applications as well.

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Fig.1 - 0.9mm height single-stage Thermoelectric cooler with 12x24mm2 cold side in PS-28 package
Fig.2 - “Long” TEC solution 25x4.9mm2 for linear detector arrays, 1MC10-023-xx type
Fig.3 - Two-stage thermoelectric cooler in PS-28, AlN ceramics, large 17x17mm2 cold side
Fig.4 - Three-stage TEC in PS-28, AlN ceramics, large 15x15mm2 cold side, dTmax>100K in room conditions

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