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Thermoelectric Heat Flux Sensors - miniature advanced solutions with ultra-high sensitivity

May 19, 2015

RMT Ltd introduce a new product range - miniature thermoelectric heat flux sensors with ultra-high sensitivity level. Advanced high-density pellets placement technologies and high quality materials give up to 10 times more sensitive solutions than any analog on the market. RMT Heat Flux Sensors have miniature dimensions, IP67 class protection and patented self-calibrating method. Heat flux sensors are available with and w/o integrated temperature sensor, equipped with 180cm FET cable by default with or w/o Phoenix connector. The key feature of RMT Heat Flux Sensors is the patented self-calibration method . It means possibility to calibrate precisely the Sensor by measurement of its thermoelectric performance parameters. It is not necessary to remove it and send to labs. The calibration procedure is possible with use of RMT Datalogger of the DX8140 series, specially developed for thermoelectric Heat Flux Sensors, or by use of RMT Z-meters.

RMT Ltd introduce a new product range - new miniature heat flux sensors with ultra-high sensitivity level. The slides below show two key parameters for heat flux sensor - the sensitivity Se and integral sensitivity Sa. RMT solutions have much higher sensitivity level comparing to any regular solutions available on the market (including relatively new thin-film thermoelectric types).

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