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DX5150 - Temperature Controlled Mount

Feb 10, 2015

RMT Ltd introduce newВ DX5150 Temperature Controlled MountВ for accurate temperature stabilization of laser and optoelectronics devices on different TO-style headers. Customized header layout can be developed by request. DX5150 is a perfect solution for temperature-controlled operating of devices with and without an integrated TE cooler. The mount has two controlled channels - one stabilizes mount surface temperature (outer temperature), the second one can control integrated TEC. Configurable DB25 connector is used to setup pinout configuration and control the installed device during operating. DX5150 is recommended for experiments, R&D analysis and QC of various laser and detector applications. Various device configurations are available for TO-46, TO-56, TO-39, TO-8, TO-3 headers. DX5150 is developed as a supplementary device for DX5100 TableTop Temperature Controller, but can be used with any other suitable controller types as well.

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