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Z-Meter Mini - Big Thing for Thermoelectric Coolers Quality control, now in small form-factor

Jul 7, 2014

RMT Ltd introduce Z-Meter Mini - the ultimate tool for thermoelectric coolers express analysis now in small form-factor. It fits any pocket and provides fast and accurate analysis for TE Coolers by three main criteria (RMT patented): AC Resistance (ACR), Figure-of-Merit (Z) and Time Constant. The combination of these three criteria gives the entire picture about TE Cooler quality and performance level. It can be used for TE Coolers express income control, TEC control during mounting processes and analysis of improper behavior. Z-Meter Mini is a kind of must-have “multimeter” for the world of thermoelectric coolers, available now in a form-factor of USB-stick.

Z-Meter Mini is the new device in RMT range of Z-Meters - professional equipments for express thermoelectric coolers analysis. The idea itself came from RMT Ltd company - the manufacturer of thermoelectric coolers with more than 20 years of experience on the market. Z-Meters, initially developed for internal usage for TECs express QC in RMT manufacturing process, have been successfully commercialized and became popular among TE coolers manufacturers and TEC consumers.

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