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Going Generating - Thermoelectric Micro-Generators for low temperature Energy Harvesting

Jun 25, 2014

RMT Ltd introduce a new product line - thermoelectric micro-generators. Thermoelectric micro-generators harvest waste heat and convert it to usable output DC power. Small dimensions and heat-to-power conversion ratio make thermoelectric micro-generators perfect to power stand-alone wireless sensors and wireless sensor networks and wearable devices. Thermoelectric micro-generators provide battery-free, long-life time maintenance-free power supply solutions.

The great benefit of thermoelectric materials and Seebeck effect is that with thermoelectric device it’s possible to create a temperature difference using power (TE cooler), or create power using temperature difference (TE generators). There is a number of key features and advantages of thermoelectric micro-generators: small sizes, simple scalability; no moving parts, very long operational lifetime – tens of years without maintenance. And the most unique property – the possibility to convert heat into electricity starting from very low temperature difference, just few degrees.

New RMT thermoelectric micro-generators have basically the same design as miniature thermoelectric coolers. In fact miniature thermoelectric module can work as a cooling device as well as a micro-generator for energy harvesting. The efficiency depends from temperature difference, number of elements inside TE module and geometry. With RMT high-performance bulk technology TE materials each couple inside thermoelectric unit generates 400uV/K, which is almost twice more than widely advertised thin-film technology thermoelectric generators.

New RMT micro-generators are able to provide milliwatts from few degrees of temperature difference and up to several watts at higher dT level. The latest assembly technology achievements allow to manufacture micro-generators as thin as 0.6mm by height.
RMT Ltd introduces solutions with more than 500 different thermoelectric micro-generators available. Customized and application-optimized solutions can be provided by request.

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