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TO-8 Sub-assemblies - TE Coolers on TO-8 headers - complex update

Aug 5, 2013

RMT update TO-8 thermoelectric sub-assemblies product range. Thermoelectric sub-assembly means a thermoelectric cooler mounted on a header. More than 350 thermoelectric cooler solutions are available now in a standard product range.

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TO-37 Sub-Assemblies - General update

Jun 10, 2013

RMT Ltd introduce the new range of TO-37 sub-assemblies (TEC+Header assembled). New line is based on TO-37 9pin header with various thermoelectric coolers installed. Single- and 2-stage TECs are available with different manufacturing and customization options. The complete list of standard solutions is available by this link.

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TE coolers of MX Group update - cooling solutions for X-Ray and IR detectors

Apr 15, 2013

RMT present MX group of 2-stage thermoelectric coolers. The MX Group of thermoelectric coolers contains 2-stage TECs with enlarged cold side and special combination of Imax/Umax parameters. MX TE coolers are developed and optimized mainly for sensing applications (X-Ray and IR). Additionally to enlarged cold ceramics MX TECs have specific electrical connections inside.

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Thermoelectric coolers with holes - the external cooling solution

Apr 15, 2013

RMT update the range of thermoelectric coolers with holes. Thermoelectric coolers with holes can be used for “external” cooling. Term “external “ cooling means TEC attached to the entire assembly with a header, rather than to heat-generating object.

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MDC Series thermoelectric coolers update, 3-stages, enlarge cold side

Apr 14, 2013

RMT present the updated 3MDC series of thermoelectric coolers. 3MDC 3-stage thermoelectric coolers combine the standard RMT assembly technology and HD pellets placement technologies. The result is large cold ceramics area with the same size of TEC hot side. This is a key feature of 3MDC TE coolers, comparing with standard multistage TECs that have a pyramidal shape.

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MDX Series thermoelectric coolers update, 2-stages, enlarge cold side

Apr 13, 2013

RMT present the updated MDX series of thermoelectric coolers. MDX TECs have 2 stages and the same dimensions for hot and cold sides, different to typical pyramidal shape of multistage TE coolers. There are two Series - MDX04 and MDX06. The difference is in internal elements cross-section and as a result - performance parameters and overall dimensions. The optimal balance of parameters and additional flexibility in TEC height variations by ceramics thickness allow to replace single-stage TE coolers in sensing applications keeping the same geometry.

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Thermoelectric coolers MC10 Series update

Apr 12, 2013

RMT present the updated MC10 series of thermoelectric coolers. The update includes new thermoelectric cooler type in the standard range, new height and performance options, revised datasheets for the whole thermoelectric coolers range and updates in available manufacturing options.

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HD technology thermoelectric coolers - general update

Apr 11, 2013

RMT present the updated series of thermoelectric coolers with HD pellets placement technology. HD (High-density) pellets placement technology TECs have the reduced distance between internal elements(pellets inside TEC). This allows to reduce the overall dimensions of thermoelectric cooler or create the analog of regular technology TEC with higher cooling capacity.

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New ML07 Telecom Series

Apr 1, 2013

RMT present new ML07 Series of thermoelectric coolers for telecom industry. Thermoelectric cooler from ML07 Series have the same dimensions as standard ML06 Series TEC. The main difference is in larger cross-section of internal elements, that increases TEC cooling capacity reserve and may give extra dT under certain conditions.

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MDL06 Telecom Series General update

Mar 26, 2013

RMT present the updated MDL06 Series of thermoelectric coolers for telecom industry. Thermoelectric cooler from MDL06 Series got new height and performance options, new materials and manufacturing modifications. New datasheets and additional manufacturing options are available. Thermoelectric coolers from MDL06 Series are the optimal choice for telecom application in industry standard BTF packages.

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