Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions

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      RMT Ltd is manufacturer of high-quality miniature thermoelectric coolers, generators and sensors. Founded in 1994, RMT provides the world largest nomenclature of miniature thermoelectric coolers for telecom, industrial, medical and other applications. More than 2000 different thermoelectric cooler types are available in the standard product range. 

      Significant share of fiber optics communication channels worldwide are supported by RMT products.

      RMT thermoelectric production is Telcordia GR-468 qualified and RoHS compliant.


•          All key materials and components for thermoelectric products are produced in-house by RMT;
•          Unique patented RMT technologies enable to create both regular and highly sophisticated customized thermoelectric coolers (TECs) and sub-mounts;

•          100% inspection of TEC’s electrical characteristics and outward appearance secures high reliability of RMT products;

•          Periodic testing of thermoelectric products confirms compliance with Telcordia GR-468 and other standards of reliability;

•          Automated and flexible production ensures short lead time;

•          RMT R&D center in Moscow, Russia provides full service of TEC development including estimations, analysis, design and reliability testing of TECs;

•          Full compliance with specific industry requirements and the best price– performance ratio are achieved by a pilot production factory in Moscow and mass production factory in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

       The world leading manufacturers of fiber optics transceivers are RMT customers. Global fiber optics transceivers market share of RMT customers is more than 50%. RMT customers benefit from highly efficient, highly reliable and at the same time cost saving RMT products.

     RMT is financially sustainable and fast growing company. During 2016-2017, RMT Ltd revenue has almost doubled.