Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions

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Photodetectors and Detector Arrays

Photonics is inconceivable without photodetectors (PDs).

Huge variety of photodetector types is a result of various physical mechanisms of light sensing and impossibility to create universal light detector for broad radiation spectrum range.

High sensitivity of operational parameters on temperature is typical for most types of photodetectors. That is why the thermal management is one of core tasks to provide operation of photodetectors.

Thermoelectric cooling as well as other methods of thermal management is widely used for photodetectors design solutions. For many applications thermoelectric Peltier coolers (TECs) are in use because of unique advantages: miniature design, reliability and a long operation life time, no moving parts and others.

Applications of thermoelectric cooling for photodetectors are very wide.

The company RMT advises TECs for the following applications and others.