Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions

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Applications of Thermoelectric Modules

Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) is a kind of semiconductor device. Is spite of visible primitiveness of design and simplicity of operation, it is very special semiconductor device which operation is based on fundamental physical phenomena – Seebeck, Peltier and Thompson effects.

Complex of unique performance advantages makes thermoelectric modules very differ from other devices and methods of thermal management.

To exploit the complex of performance parameters of TECs it is necessary to use special methods of management by them.

Moreover to measure and control performance and reliability parameters of TECs very special equipment is necessary.

Company RMT has unique years’ experience in development and production of TECs for wide range of applications as well as development, production and applications of special devices and equipment for TECs remote control, measurement of thermoelectric parameters, testing of TEC performance and reliability. So we can advise the following.