Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions

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TECCAD Software

The TECCad software has been developed as an assistant in solving thermoelectric cooling assembly design issues. It provides detailed information on RMT thermoelectric modules' characteristics.

Please download our software to get the necessary data.

TECcad provides detailed analysis of PMT TECs performance:

  • Both in vacuum and air conditions
  • In broad range of operating temperatures
  • At current from 0 to Imax
  • At specified heat sink thermal resistance
  • At a range of operational heat loads
  • Performance of TE module mounted to standard electronic packages

Click here to download TECCadLite (ver 1.0)


The major requirements for the above-mentioned PCs are 16 MB RAM and WINDOWS 95 (WINDOWS 98).
1 MB - VGA card will make a great contribution in achieving the best possible results


Please download teccad.exe installation file. Then double-click by the left mouse button or click on ENTER to install the software.


The software provide the following assistance in searching optimal solution using RMT's thermoelectric modules: