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Information memorandum

Nov 28, 2017

    RMT Ltd would like to thank all its valuable customers for cooperation and mutually beneficial business during last years.

    We have enjoyed very successful years 2016-2017. During this time under the new management team RMT has achieved:

·         revenue has almost doubled;

·         over a hundred of new customers has been acquired;

·         production capacity increased more than 150%

    Many of our customers have appreciated the new approach that from May 2016 RMT Ltd has started the direct sales with direct communication to the customers what accounts for majority of this success.

    However, in the past few months some of our customers have noticed market activity of the company TEC Microsystems GmbH (Germany) which used to be RMT Ltd’s official distributor and has started offering products similar to products of RMT Ltd.

    Responding to this activity RMT Ltd is informing all its customers and any related parties that:

·         TEC Microsystems GmbH in April 2016 sent a notice to RMT Ltd on voluntary termination of the exclusive distribution agreement with RMT Ltd. Therefore, TEC Microsystems GmbH shall no longer act as a distributor of RMT Ltd of any kind;

·         TEC Microsystems GmbH has failed to fulfill its obligations to pay RMT Ltd a substantial amount of money for the supplied products. In the light of this fact RMT Ltd has initiated international arbitration proceedings against TEC Microsystems GmbH with the current amount in dispute exceeding USD 1.5 mln.

·         TEC Microsystems GmbH is, acting unfairly, distributes goods similar to goods manufactured by RMT Ltd. Meanwhile, we doubt that TEC Microsystems GmbH is able to demonstrate proper manufacturing facilities and capabilities.

    Therefore, it is considered necessary to warn our valuable partners and customers about the possible risks which may result from the purchase of these goods:

·         The goods distributed by TEC Microsystems GmbH on the market of thermoelectric products are not manufactured by RMT Ltd thereby the warranty obligations are not applicable.

·         The goods supplied by TEC Microsystems GmbH may entail risks associated with RMT Ltd intellectual property rights infringement and further involvement into court disputes in accordance with applicable law.

·         The quality and safety of RMT Ltd products are confirmed by ISO 9001 certificates. The effect of RMT certificates is not applied to the goods distributed by TEC Microsystems GmbH. Therefore, it is strongly recommend to potential customers to verify ISO 9001 compliance of the goods purchased from TEC Microsystems GmbH.

·         RMT Ltd has full cycle manufacturing facility producing own thermoelectric material and performing the required tests and qualifications in-house to guarantee stable quality of products in accordance to Telcordia and other international standards. However, products distributed by TEC Microsystems GmbH are manufactured from third-party material, their performance and reliability are very doubtful.

    RMT Ltd has already faced unethical behavior of TEC Microsystems GmbH and would like to warn our customers about our negative experience in the past and potential risks that arise from cooperation with TEC Microsystems GmbH.

    At the same time RMT Ltd stays open to provide further clarifications if required and discuss possible options how to further improve our products and services in order to meet all your requirements.

         Marat Nabiullin
         RMT Ltd.

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