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Temperature stabilization for detector arrays - TE Coolers on TO-8 with 20pins

May 14, 2014

RMT Ltd introduce a new range of thermoelectric sub-assemblies with TO-8 header. Now 20pin TO-8 header is available with single- and multistage TE coolers installed. Standard TO-8 0.6” form factor with 20pins and elongated TEC shape make a perfect solution for photodiode arrays, for example APD arrays. New sub-assemblies can be used for temperature stabilization of photodiode arrays with up to 16 (4x4) sensing elements. Customized Au patterns on TEC cold side can be provided by request.

TO-8 20pin Header has up to 3.9 x 11.5mm2 open space for thermoelectric cooler mounting. The range of possible solutions is very wide, assuming more than 1700 different TECs in RMT standard product range.

Below is the list of most optimal single- and two-stage TEC types, optimized by shape for detector array applications. More thermoelectric cooling solutions are available by request.

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