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New Service - high-quality ceramics PCB and patterned substrates manufacturing

Feb 20, 2014

RMT Ltd provides full service with single and double-sided ceramics PCB and substrates manufacturing. The technology is developed and patented by RMT Ltd company. Company know-how allow to manufacture high quality ceramics substrates and PCB on Al2O3 and AlN materials. The key advantages are in precision patterns, high-quality processing, excellent solderability and bondability with single- and double-side metallized ceramics processing.

RMT patented technology provides significant advantages over typical thin- and thick-film metallization processes. Single and double-sided ceramics PCBs have better quality, higher resolution, high conductivity, excellent solderability and bonding properties.

RMT provide fast development and manufacturing of metallized ceramics substrates and ceramics PCBs for LD applications, optoelectronics industry, high-frequency and other applications.

For detailed information visit Ceramic Printed Circuit Board page.

Click to enlarge. Fig.1 - RMT technology Metallization Structure (click to zoom)Click to enlarge.
Fig.2 - Ceramics PCB with VIAS
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