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More space - new 3-stage TE coolers for cooled CCD applications

Jan 28, 2014

RMT Ltd introduce the update in 3MDC Series - new 3MDC10 thermoelectric coolers with enlarged cold side area, RMT advanced HD technology and “out-of-pyramid” concept. New TE Coolers have up to 17x17mm2 cold side area with a performance of 3-stage TEC. The main application for new 3MDC10 TECs is high-quality CCD cameras with active cooling.All similar applications with large matrixes and detector arrays can be covered as well. There are 15 different thermoelectric coolers in the new 3MDC10 Series. The complete list of all 3MDC solutions with detailed datasheets is available by this link.

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Fig 1 - 3MDC TE Cooler comparison
with classical shape types
Fig 2 -Example of sub-assembly on
TO-8 header, 3-stage TEC with 8x8mm2 cold side


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