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TO-8 Sub-assemblies - TE Coolers on TO-8 headers - complex update

Aug 5, 2013

RMT Ltd update TO-8 thermoelectric sub-assemblies product range. Thermoelectric sub-assembly means a thermoelectric cooler mounted on a header. More than 350 thermoelectric cooler solutions are available now in a standard product range. The updated datasheets provide a detailed information about thermoelectric cooler solution, performance and manufacturing options. TO-8 headers with integrated TE coolers is a very common industry solution for many application areas - for example X-Ray and IR- detectors, Avalanche photodiodes and other sensing applications. TEC Microsystems and RMT Ltd provide a full range of solutions with single- and multistage thermoelectric coolers integrated on TO-8 headers.

Samples Gallery

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Fig.1 - Common solution for X-Ray detectors. 2-stage TE Cooler 2MX04-043-xx with 8x8mm2 cold side on TO-8 12pin header
Fig.2 - 3-stage TE cooler on TO-8 6pin header, common solution for detector applications.
Fig.3 - HD technology 3-stage thermoelectric cooler with enlarged cold ceramics size on TO-8 16pins header
Fig.4 - Unique solution with high performance 4-stage TEC installed on TO-8 12pin header

Explore complete range of available solutions

The complete range of standard solutions is available by by this link. By default 12pin header type is used for TO-8 standard sub-assemblies. 6pin and 16pin header versions are also available. There is a wide range of additional manufacturing options available for thermoelectric cooler height and performance, ceramics material, pinout configuration on a header, thermistor integrating and others. Customization and application optimization are available by request. RMT Ltd provides also the high-quality assembly of thermoelectric cooler on Customer headers.

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