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MDL06 Telecom Series General update

Mar 26, 2013

RMT present the updated MDL06 Series of thermoelectric coolers for telecom industry. Thermoelectric cooler from MDL06 Series got new height and performance options, new materials and manufacturing modifications. New datasheets and additional manufacturing options are available. Thermoelectric coolers from MDL06 Series are the optimal choice for telecom application in industry standard BTF packages.

Telecom MDL06 Series has more than 150 different single-stage thermoelectric coolers. Telecom Industry standard TEC types with dimensions from 6x6mm to 7x15mm are available. MDL06 Series has been specially designed for cooling and thermostabilization of laser diodes in telecom applications.


  • New thermoelectric coolers performance options
  • Revised datasheets with new performance plots
  • Expanded list of available manufacturing options
  • Wide range of customization options

Completely redesigned datasheets

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New TEC datasheets with detailed info about thermoelectric cooler performance, geometry and manufacturing optionsNew easy to read all-in-one performance plots, specified for thermoelectric cooler at two standard ambient conditions Detailed info about thermoelectric cooler possible customization and tune-ups for final application

MDL06 TECs Applications goals

Notice: MDL06 thermoelectric coolers are not a must-do replacement for regular type. The efficiency and advantages of MDL06 thermoelectric coolers using depend a lot from application conditions and requirements. In case of low heatload high-power TEC may be not optimal. MDL06 Series can be considered as the alternative solution to RMT ML06 Series for applications with high heatload.

Additional Height&Performance variations

Thermoelectric coolers from MDL06 Series are available on Al2O3 and AlN ceramics. The ceramics thickness can be 0.5mm or 0.25mm. Various ceramics thickness and possible combinations allow to vary thermoelectric coolers performance without geometry changes. For example:

New materials and performance options in MDL06 Series give the flexibility to optimize thermoelectric cooler power consumption in the final application. TEC performance and power consumption under specified application conditions can be estimated with RMT TECCad software for Windows or iTECPad app for iPad.

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