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MC04 Series General update

Mar 3, 2013

RMT Ltd introduce updated MC04 Series of miniature thermoelectric coolers. RMT general MC04 Series is updated with new thermoelectric cooler types, improved performance and manufacturing modifications. New materials, revised datasheets and additional manufacturing options are available. The total number of standard thermoelectric coolers in MC04 Series is increased to more than 250 types.

MC04 Series is RMT general Series with more than 250 different thermoelectric coolers. Single- and multistage TECs are available with cold side dimensions in a range from 1.6x3.2mm to 12x12mm. The MC04 Series has been designed for cooling and thermostabilization of Laser and Optoelectronic Devices, X-Ray, IR- instruments and Microelectronic components.


  • New thermoelectric coolers in standard range
  • Revised datasheets with new performance plots
  • New TEC versions with the increased cooling capacity
  • Expanded list of available manufacturing options
  • Wide range of customization options

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New TEC datasheets with detailed info about thermoelectric cooler performance, geometry and manufacturing optionsNew easy to read all-in-one performance plots, specified for thermoelectric cooler at two standard ambient conditions Detailed info about thermoelectric cooler possible customization and tune-ups for final application

New RMT assembly technology allows to manufacture low-profile thermoelectric coolers, with increased cooling capacity. Available previously for single- stage thermoelectric coolers only, this RMT technology can be applied now for multistage TE Coolers too. Regular thermoelectric cooler cooling capacity can be doubled. For example standard 3MC04-046-05 with Qmax=0.5W (@27ºC ambient) can be replaced by new 3MC04-046-03 low-profile type with Qmax=0.9W at the same conditions, keeping dTmax at the same level.

Standard 3-stage TE Cooler and it’s low-profile version

The increased cooling capacity gives additional advantages to single- and multistage thermoelectric coolers from MC06 Series. Higher Qmax reserve increases available dTmax range in final application and/or reduce the power consumption under certain conditions. TEC performance and power consumption under specified application conditions can be estimated with RMT TECCad software for Windows or iTECPad app for iPad.

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