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New ML07 Telecom Series

Apr 1, 2013

RMT present new ML07 Series of thermoelectric coolers for telecom industry. Thermoelectric cooler from ML07 Series have the same dimensions as standard ML06 Series TEC. The main difference is in larger cross-section of internal elements, that increases TEC cooling capacity reserve and may give extra dT under certain conditions.

New ML07 Telecom Series has more than 120 different single-stage thermoelectric coolers. Telecom Industry standard TEC types with dimensions from 6x6mm to 7x15mm are available. ML07 Series has been specially designed for cooling and thermostabilization of laser diodes with increased heatload in telecom applications.

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Example 1 - The difference between max performance
parameters between ML06 and ML07 TE Coolers.
Example 2 - Power consumption of ML06 and ML07 TECs
under the same conditions

The examples above show the difference between ML06 and ML07 TE coolers in performance and power consumption. Example 2 shows that 1ML07-029-05 TEC is more optimal under heatload higher than 2W in specified scenarios. Please, use free TECCad software for Windows or iTECPad app for iPad for detailed estimations at your particular application conditions.

Thermoelectric coolers from ML07 Series are based on RMT regular assembly technology with up to 14W/cm2 cooling power density. Thermoelectric coolers may have regular wires or WB terminal connection type. RMT Ltd provide a wide range of manufacturing options for the most optimal integrating into final application. The table below contains all standard thermoelectric coolers from ML07 Series with performance values specified at +27ºC Vacuum and +50ºC Dry N2 conditions.

Notice: ML07 thermoelectric coolers are not a must-do replacement for regular type. The efficiency and advantages of ML07 thermoelectric coolers using depend a lot from application conditions and requirements. In case of low heatload high-power TEC may be not optimal. ML07 Series can be considered as the alternative solution to RMT ML06 Series for applications with high heatload. TEC performance and power consumption under specified application conditions can be estimated with RMT TECCad software for Windows or iTECPad app for iPad.

Thermoelectric coolers ML07 Series

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