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Thermoelectric coolers MC10 Series update

Apr 12, 2013

RMT present the updated MC10 series of thermoelectric coolers. The update includes new thermoelectric cooler type in the standard range, new height and performance options, revised datasheets for the whole thermoelectric coolers range and updates in available manufacturing options.

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The MC10 Series contains more than 70 different thermoelectric coolers. MC10 TE coolers are the largest by dimensions TECs in RMT standard range. Single- and multistage TECs are available with cold side dimensions in a range from 9x15mm2 to 18x18mm2. TE coolers from MC10 Series are optimized for CCD and FPA applications, powerful LD cooling and cooled mirror hygrometers. MC10 Series TECs have a wide range of standard manufacturing options for TEC height, ceramics material surface and terminal contacts.

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