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TE coolers of MX Group update - cooling solutions for X-Ray and IR detectors

Apr 15, 2013

RMT present MX group of 2-stage thermoelectric coolers. The MX Group of thermoelectric coolers contains 2-stage TECs with enlarged cold side and special combination of Imax/Umax parameters. MX TE coolers are developed and optimized mainly for sensing applications (X-Ray and IR). Additionally to enlarged cold ceramics MX TECs have specific electrical connections inside. It is a special mix of serial and parallel connections of TEC internal elements that provides a unique balance between cooling capacity, dT and power consumption. Thermoelectric coolers from MX group are optimal choice for X-Ray and IR- applications with large cold side required for detector elements.

MX TECs were developed by RMT separately to general thermoelectric coolers series. MX TECs have quad shape with the same dimensions for hot and cold sides, different to typical pyramidal shape of multistage TE coolers. The optimal balance of parameters and additional flexibility in TEC height variations by ceramics thickness allow to replace single-stage TE coolers in sensing applications keeping the same geometry.

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Example 1 - 2MX04-043-0510 on TO-8 12 header,
2-stage TEC, 8x8mm2 cold side
Example 2 - Switching from single-stage TEC to 2-stage
MX TE coolers type (click to zoom)

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