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Thermoelectric coolers with holes - the external cooling solution

Apr 15, 2013

RMT update the range of thermoelectric coolers with holes. Thermoelectric coolers with holes can be used for “external” cooling. Term “external “ cooling means TEC attached to the entire assembly with a header, rather than to heat-generating object. There are two typical cases where thermoelectric coolers with holes can be used: 1) powerful LD on TO-46/TO-56/TO-9 headers with not enough space to mount TEC on a header, 2) already sealed (un-cooled) devices, where the advanced temperature stabilization gives additional advantages in terms of wavelength stability, device lifetime or sensitivity.

Thermoelectric coolers with holes are also ideal for various testing equipment, LD calibration tools, optoelectronics components setup instruments, environmental testing and temperature cycling equipment and similar applications. RMT and TEC Microsystems provide the complete flexibility with holes modification, layout customization and development of special thermoelectric coolers with holes for specific applications.

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Fig 2 - Flexibility with
holes modifications
Fig 1 - External and internal cooling methods (click to zoom) Fig 3 - Customized TEC for external
cooing of regular 14-pin
“Butterfly” LD package

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