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TO-37 Sub-Assemblies - General update

Jun 10, 2013

RMT Ltd introduce the new range of TO-37 sub-assemblies (TEC+Header assembled). New line is based on TO-37 9pin header with various thermoelectric coolers installed. Single- and 2-stage TECs are available with different manufacturing and customization options. The complete list of standard solutions is available by this link.

TO-37 header is a common packaging solution for detector and sensing applications. Many PbS and PbSe detectors are built on TO-37 header. The integrated thermoelectric cooling increases the sensitivity of detectors and improve device performance. RMT Ltd provides the sub-assembly solutions on TO-37 header. Thermoelectric cooler is mounted by flux-free soldering with 100% quality control. The sub-assembly solution saves time and costs at Customer side by optimization of final assembly process.

Standard 9pin TO-37 header has about 3.2x3.2mm2 open space for thermoelectric cooler integrating. RMT Ltd may integrate any suitable thermoelectric from more than 1500 standard types available. The most standard solutions are available with detailed datasheets by this link. Additional manufacturing variations and options may be available by request.

Key Features

  • Wide range of thermoelectric coolers mounted on TO-37 header
  • High-quality, high-performance solutions with RMT thermoelectric coolers
  • Vacuum flux-free TEC to header soldering
  • RoHS Compliant, high temperature solutions by default
  • 100% QC for sub-assembly with double control of TEC - before and after mounting
  • Additional manufacturing options - customized Au patterns on TEC cold side, various pinout configurations, thermistor integrating and etc.

Samples Gallery

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Fig.1 - Thermoelectric cooler with a customized Au pattern on top (optional solution by request)
Fig.2 - Special low-current low-height (0.8mm) thermoelectric cooler from MD02 Series
Fig.3 - Example of thermistor mounting by gluing to cold ceramics edge (TEC cold side remains free for mounting)
Fig.4 - Laser labeling of the sub-assembly (optional solution by request)

The detailed overview of standard TO-37 sub-assemblies with detailed datasheets is available by this link.

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