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Thermoelectric coolers analysis on iPad

Feb 24, 2013

RMT introduce iTECPad - the professional analysis of thermoelectric coolers for iPad. iTECPad contains the complete nomenclature of RMT Ltd thermoelectric coolers with detailed datasheets and performance analysis tools. It allows to find the optimal TE cooler and check performance and power consumption exactly under specified application conditions. iTECPad is the first and the only professional application about thermoelectric coolers developed for iPad.

iTECPad is the unique thermoelectric coolers analysis instrument developed by RMT. It is free and available in AppStore. With iTECPad R&D specialists and engineers now have the immediate access to more than 1500 different thermoelectric coolers from RMT with detailed datasheets and performance analysis tools, right on the iPad, without PC. The workflow is fast and simple - select TE Cooler, specify application conditions and get the detailed estimations for performance and power consumption. The comprehensive analysis tools provide quick accurate estimations for TEC at specified conditions. It has also a useful comparison for multiple thermoelectric coolers at once.

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