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New Z-Meter for TEC express-control

May 10, 2012

RMT Ltd introduces DX4190 - new version of 10-position Z-Meter, a device for express control of thermoelectric coolers. The device is based on unique three-criteria method of express thermoelectric coolers checkout. DX4190 is a perfect solution for TE coolers manufacturers and all companies that consume TECs in volumes.

DX4190 precisely measures three base criteria for thermoelectric cooler - AC Resistance, Figure- of-Merit and Time Constant. The combination of these three criteria gives the complete picture about thermoelectric cooler condition and performance. It allows to make express quality control for TE coolers manufactures, income control and checkout after mounting and handling for TE coolers consumers. New Z-Meter is suitable for micro TE coolers and large consumer types.

Key features:
  • Express quality control of TE Coolers
  • Ideal for TECs lot-to-lot control
  • Thermoelectric Coolers polarity control
  • Batch Measuring Protocols
  • Maintenance free

DX4190 has a new form factor, that provides more flexibility with measuring process. Thermoelectric coolers can be checked separately or already mounted. DX4190 provides a simultaneous measurement for 10pcs of thermoelectric coolers at once. Click here for additional info.

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