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TEC "Heavy duty" - Thermoelectric Cooler for high-power fiber coupled pump lasers

Aug 18, 2010

RMT Ltd introduce new thermoelectric cooler for high-power fiber coupled pump lasers. A new 1MD10-037-08 TE cooler is developed for industrial standard “Butterfly” type packages.В  This TE cooler is the “heavy duty” type for applications with high heat load. It provides an effective temperature stabilization and up to 70% reduced power consumption for high-power pump lasers comparing with standard TE coolers.
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MicroTECs for extra space - thermoelectric coolers on special thin ceramics

Jul 15, 2010

TEC Microsystems and RMT introduce special solution for applications with micro thermoelectric coolers. Miniature thermoelectric coolers with only 0.6mm height are available. This special ultra-thin solution is developed for LD applications with limited packaging space. The lowest height of typical thermoelectric coolers is around 0.9mm.В  But laser diodes on TO-46 headers or TO-style TOSA have very limited space for integrating of TE cooler. Even additional 100-200 microns of space may be critical for components packaging.
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Out of pyramids - new 3-stage thermoelectric cooler types

Jun 16, 2010

RMT introduce new range of miniature 3-stage thermoelectric coolers - 3MDC types with specially enlarged cold side area. 3MDC coolers combine standard and HD pellets placement technologies. The dimensions of 3MDC coolers top and bottom ceramics plates are the same. This is optimal for detectors, creating of TE cooler arrays, TEC packaging and handling
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Hi-TEC - High Performance Thermoelectric Coolers for High Heat Load applications

Mar 11, 2010

RMT Ltd introduces thermoelectric coolers, optimized for high-power LD applications in HHL form-factor. High-performance thermoelectric coolers of MC06 and MX06 Series with cooling capacity starting from 28W and higher provide significantly better cooling performance than any standard solutions available on the market.
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RUSNANO to Finance Production of Thermoelectric Microcoolers

Mar 10, 2010

The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO) has approved financing for RMT's project to expand production of thermoelectric micro-cooling systems. learn more

New Catalog TEC2010

Jan 19, 2010

New Catalog TEC2010 of RMT thermoelectric products is available from now. learn more

Single step to Multistage - the simple way to increase cooling level in detector applications

Jan 8, 2010

RMT Ltd introduces 2-stage thermoelectric cooler designed for simple substitution of standard single-stage 8x8mm TE coolers in various detector applications to archive higher cooling level. 8x8mm thermoelectric cooler on TO-8 style header is the one of typical solutions for X-Ray detectors and some IR sensing applications.
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4-stage Cooling for Photodetector applications - new solution on standard TO-8 headers

Sep 25, 2009

TEC Microsystems GmbH introduces two special Thermoelectric Cooling sub-assemblies on standard TO-8 headers for HgCdTe Photodetector Applications. The existing single solution on TO-8 headers with 4MD04-116-xx type is supplemented with new thermoelectric cooler type - 4MD04-160-xx TEC. Based on RMT HD technology 4MD04-160-xx TE cooler has the increased cooling capacity and unique size, sufficiently compact to fit on standard TO-8 headers. New thermoelectric sub-assembly provides up to 125 degree of maximum temperature difference and up to 0.8W cooling capacity. Both 4-stage thermoelectric cooling sub-assemblies are oriented mainly for Mercury Cadmium Telluride photodetectors and some other applications where operating at temperatures below 200K is required.
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Z-Meters - Universal Solution for Thermoelectric Coolers Measurements and Quality Control

Aug 11, 2009

Thermoelectric (Peltier) Coolers (TECs) are the important part of a range of optoelectronic applications. Semiconductor lasers, DPSS lasers, Superluminescent diodes, Infrared and X-Ray detectors, Photon Counters, CCD and CMOS Imagers, DNA cyclers, Medical Calorimeters and many other products require built-in miniature TECs for thermal management.
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Black Body Task - New Range of Thermoelectric Thermal Reference Source (TTRS) Product

Jul 22, 2009

TEC Microsystems introduces new range of Thermoelectric Thermal Reference Source (TTRS) products based on TO-8, TO-3 and TO-822 headers. Thermoelectric Thermal Reference Source (TTRS) sub-assemblies provide a temperature-controllable, uniform-temperature, high-emissivity surface that is used in calibrating of infrared (IR) detector arrays and FLIR systems.
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