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DX5100 Tabletop - the essence of TEC controllers

Mar 4, 2014

RMT Ltd introduce new DX5100 TableTop TEC controllers. DX5100 TableTop controller is the top device in DX5100 controllers family. This is the ultimate solution with all required features and regulating modes for the best control of thermoelectric coolers operating.

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New Service - high-quality ceramics PCB and patterned substrates manufacturing

Feb 20, 2014

RMT Ltd provides full service with single and double-sided ceramics PCB and substrates manufacturing. The technology is developed and patented by RMT Ltd company. Company know-how allow to manufacture high quality ceramics substrates and PCB on Al2O3 and AlN materials. The key advantages are in precision patterns, high-quality processing, excellent solderability and bondability with single- and double-side metallized ceramics processing.

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More space - new 3-stage TE coolers for cooled CCD applications

Jan 28, 2014

RMT Ltd introduce the update in 3MDC Series - new 3MDC10 thermoelectric coolers with enlarged cold side area, RMT advanced HD technology and “out-of-pyramid” concept. New TE Coolers have up to 17x17mm2 cold side area with a performance of 3-stage TEC. The main application for new 3MDC10 TECs is high-quality CCD cameras with active cooling.

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New DX5300 device - rack controller for lifetime and reliability tests of TECs and TEC assemblies

Jan 22, 2014

RMT announces new equipment, DX5300 rack controller for lifetime and reliability tests of thermoelectric coolers and assemblies. DX5300 allows simultaneous testing of 24 TECs or assemblies according to the most common industry standards like Telcordia GR486 and MIL-STD-883 or others.

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RMT added DX2100 Thermoelectric Thermostatic Chamber

Dec 13, 2013

RMT added DX2100 Thermoelectric Thermostatic Chamber to its product line. Adding of DX2100 to DX4190 multi-position Z-meter allows automatic characterization of up to 5 TECs from -30 °C to +85 °C. DX2100 may be also used as a stand-alone dry thermostatic chamber.

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TEC drives power up - new TEC controllers with up to 96W output

Dec 1, 2013

RMT Ltd introduce new DX5100 TEC controllers with with up to 96W per output per channel. New versions are available in DX5100 device family - range of precision programmable TEC drivers.

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RMT is in TOP50 most innovative companies

Nov 13, 2013

RMT Ltd - thermoelectric cooler manufacturing company - is rated in TOP50 most innovative companies by TechUp rating. RMT is rated in TOP50 by three nominations - most innovative, most fast-growing and most successful company.

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TEC Microsystems GmbH grows and re-locates to new office

Oct 17, 2013

As a result of continuous business growing and increased activity TEC Microsystems GmbH moved to the new office at address Schwarzschildstr. 8, Berlin, 12489. Located in Adlershof, Berlin Science and Technology Park, the new larger office gives more possibilities for the comprehensive thermoelectric cooling solutions and superior Customer support to European and US customers.

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Advanced TEC miniaturization - new MD02 Series

Sep 30, 2013

RMT Ltd introduce new MD02 Series of thermoelectric coolers based on ultra-high density of internal elements. RMT Ltd patented materials and processing technology allow to install more than 1100 BiTe posts per 1cm2 area. This is the highest possible level of miniaturization available for bulk technology miniature thermoelectric coolers.

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Smart Search - Optimal TE cooler finding has never been that easy

Aug 27, 2013

RMT Ltd introduces updated version of iTECPad - the professional iPad app about TE coolers quick performance analysis and comparison. iTECPad is the only professional app about thermoelectric coolers available on iPad. It contains more than 1700 standard RMT thermoelectric coolers with detailed datasheets and a pack of great instruments for performance analysis.
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