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Calibration Black Bodies

Optical devices for contactless measurement of temperature (pyrometers), thermal cameras and night vision devices require regular calibrations for accuracy.

The main method of the procedure is the calibration by black bodies. These are devices that have a surface with optical properties similar to the spectrum of radiation of the ideal black body.

Measurement of the temperature of the black body, which is precisely preset, is the core of such calibration. The calibration black body should have a necessary measurement aperture size, provide the ability to set the desired temperature, and have good temperature uniformity across the surface. Another important requirement for many applications is the rate of temperature change (slew rate).

Peltier thermoelectric cooling modules are the perfect elements to ensure the operation modes of a calibration black body for low and medium temperature ranges, generally from -40 to +150°.

The advantages include the following:

  • Fine temperature adjustment and stabilization.
  • Temperature range above and below ambient temperature.
  • Fast change of temperature.
  • Good uniformity across the surface.

RMT produces thermoelectric calibration black bodies (Thermoelectric Thermal Reference Source - TTRS) of different sizes and in different housings.

All TTRS production by RMT consists of black body with emissivity more than 95% placed onto the thermoelectric module with precise temperature sensor. The whole construction is placed into standard or customized (on request) package, for example of the types TO8, TO3 and others.

TTRS is a central element of the electronic device- calibration black body.

TTRS can also be integrated directly into the optical scheme of thermal optoelectronic systems (night vision, thermal imaging cameras) for calibrating during application.

RMT also develops  Black Bodies to meet  customers' requirements and has the potential to test their operability, reliability testing and calibration.

On the basis of a series of modular temperature controllers RMT has developed a calibration black body, consisting of a measuring head black body and controller.

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